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Frequently Asked Questions
RaiderSoft Accepts all Major Payment Methods, including Visa, Mastercard, EuroCard, American Express, Debit Cards, Electronic Checks, and PayPal. A credit card is not required to register for a free account.

  • What is ICE?
    ICE is a full-featured, web chat and instant-message solution. ICE embeds smoothly onto your website, and allows your users to communicate with one another privately, and participate in multiple chat forums.

  • How do I sign up for ICE?
    Click here to register for a free, full featured, one month trial account. To register, all that we require is your email address, website address (if you have one) and a password of your choice. You are under no obligation to purchase. We will e-mail you after your trial period is up with purchase instructions. If you do not wish to continue using the software at that time, simply ignore the email!

  • I wish to run multiple chat rooms on my site. Is ICE for me?
    ICE is perfect for you! With ICE, you can give your users access to multiple chat rooms on one page by using the ICE Master Client, or you may provide your users with single chat rooms on separate pages by using the ICE Chat Client!

  • Which ICE account is right for me? How much does it cost?
    The pricing for ICE is based upon the amount of concurrent users you will need at any given time. Click here to see our price list, and determine which account suits you best!

  • Do you offer any less expensive Java™ Chat solutions?
    Yes! We realize that some users may not require all of the power and features that ICE has to offer. For these users, we recommend SigmaChat. SigmaChat is a single chat room system, boasting a very impressive feature list, at a lower price than ICE. Click here for more information!

  • Is this product family safe? Is it safe for children?
    Absolutely! ICE is easily moderated, allowing administrators the ability to both kick and permanently ban users. Furthermore, you can use ICE's profanity filter system to disallow words (or word fragments) of your choice!

  • Can I translate my ICE client to another language?
    Yes! Every bit of text shown in ICE can be customized to your preference. By spending a few minutes online in our advanced web-based control panel, you can easily translate ICE to German, Spanish, French, and nearly every other language in the world!

  • Will I have access to my ICE transcripts (logs)?
    Ofcourse! You may view your logs online at any time, and you may download them in plain text, HTML, or tab-delimited TSV format. Logs are kept for 24 hours on our system, and are rotated (deleted) once a day for your security.

  • When I try to start ICE, all I see is a broken link or empty space. How can I fix this?
    If this is the case, your system most likely does not have Java™ enabled or installed. Java is the most powerful, free extension to web technology today, and no web browsing experience is complete without it! The far majority of internet users have Java™ technology installed on their computer, and so should you! Click here for details on installing Java™.

  • I have another question. Who may I ask?
    Feel free to email us anytime at We pride ourselves on first class technical support, and quick response time!