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ICE Features
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RaiderSoft ICE is packed with powerful features, providing you with total control over your ICE Chat & IM software. The best way to learn about all of the features that ICE has to offer, is to sign up for a free, full-featured trial account!. You will not find a more comprehensive, feature-rich Java™ Chat & IM package than ICE! The following is a short list of features that you and your users will have access to in ICE:

  • Two Java™ Client Applets
    • Master Client (IM Style with Popup Chat Rooms)
    • Chat Client (For Single Chat Room Events)
  • User to User Private Instant Messaging
  • Multi-User Chat
    • Multiple Built-in Chat Rooms
    • Optionally Password Protected
    • User Creatable Chat Rooms
    • Moderated Chat Rooms with Guest Speakers
  • Chat Rooms & I.M. Sessions Popup in Separate Windows!
  • User Font & Color Settings
  • Advanced Web-Based Control Panel
  • Customizable Audio & Image Emoticons
  • Customizable Audio Events
  • Offline Messaging
  • Color Customizable to Perfectly Suit Your Site
  • Logo / Branding
  • Take your users on a Virtual Tour
    • Send URL's that automatically popup for users!
  • Profanity Filtering
  • Optional Fast-Display Setting
  • Complete Transcripts (Logs) of all Messages, Chats, and Accesses.
  • Integrated, Online Administration
    • Web Based Ban Manager
  • Powerful, Online User Manager
    • Optional Automatic Registration System via RaiderSoft Community
  • Text Customization (for Translation, etc..)
  • No Download Needed for Most Users
  • Automatic, Free Upgrades
  • First Class Technical Support
  • and More...